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Basic Utility information for pontoons boat owner

We received a call recently from Captain Joe. As he began his discussion with me, I could tell he had a dream to start a passenger ferryboat service from the mainland to a small island about five miles south where people spent the day fishing and diving, and upon arrival, exploring the island. As I listened, I could tell he had a great idea. He began to ask the many questions............. 

Why should I buy a commercial pontoon boat instead of a single hulled vessel?

One of the reasons a pontoon vessel is better is, that for much less money, it will transport the same number of passengers, and do it more comfortably than a single hull vessel of the comparable size.

 What can you tell me about the durability of the aluminum pontoons as opposed to fiberglass or steel?

 Itís a fact that steel is much heavier than aluminum. We all know that! And steel is subject to rusting, where aluminum with a minimum of up-keep will last much longer with less maintenance. When we start to compare fiberglass with aluminum, we find that an aluminum boat will outlast a fiberglass vessel by a minimum of 30% which adds that much more value to your investment.

 What about the safety of a pontoon vessel as opposed to a mono-hull vessel?

 I love to answer this question!...Trident Pontoon vessels are manufactured with a bulkhead in each section. If for some reason a part the vessel becomes damaged while in motion, the likelyhood is that the damage , will only effect single five foot sections foot sections while it maintains most all of its buoyancy. Where as in a mono hull, a continuous amount of water stands to enter the hull and create a much greater danger!

 Can you tell me why you build a boat with five pontoons?

 Itís quite simple!...Other than the for the reason of providing a boat with an overwhelming amount of flotation, it provides a highly stable platform needed for a restaurant boat and the ability to operate in much shallower waters compared to a mono hull vessel of the same length.

  Let me ask......Are your boats U.S. Coast Guard approved, and are they documented? 

Yes.....They are delivered complete with U.S. Coast Guard inspection certification. And yes.. It is possible to document vessels of five or more tons.

   Well then he said, how many different models, and in what size are they available?...... How many people can each model carry?

And what are the prices of each?

 Trident currently has fourteen models available in sizes ranging from 25 feet, which are capable of carrying 12.... To 65 feet in length that are capable of carrying more than 100 passengers.

   How do you propel these pontoon vessels?

It depends on the size of the vessel, From the 25-foot up to the 50 footer its possible to have either one or two engine installations. We can user outboard or inboard/outboard or jet drive propulsion units, normally from 50 to 425 hp.

   Can you help me with finding the financing?...  What do you require for the down payment?

 Because we have been in the marine field for years we have developed relationships with many lending sources. When you sign the purchase order, we require one third of the total purchase price. When the vessel is completed to the deck we require a third of the total price. When we finish the boat, the remainder of the balance is due before delivery.

    Since I have decided on the 4512 model.......... Does it come equipped with a soft-top or hardtop, and what kind of windows are supplied with it?

  We can provide either soft or hard tops, or a superstructure with solid side retractable windows. These options are usually decided upon and priced during the design phase and you will have a firm price when the purchase contract is signed.

   Now,..... I want to have a galley and a head. Tell me about that? 

We can equip the boat with an enclosed electric flushing or non-flushing head and vanity. For the galley anything from a big Igloo cooler to an electric refrigerator and a sink with hot and cold running water, even a beer tap if you like!...........

How much does that cost?

We price these options on an individual basis, and since we have incorporated these options on many other boats.....we can give you the best price!   

I will need to get all of the standard Coast Guard equipment as well as some other options.

There is a standard list of Coast Guard equipment that is required, and we sell and install all of the items when we manufacture the boat along with the optional equipment you want.

  I have seen some of your boats that are equipped with fancy lighting, elaborate wood interiors, and sound systems. Do you build all of this at your plant?  

Oh yes.... We have added these options and more to different boats at one time or other. We will sit down with you and go over each option and its cost so that you will know the exact price of each choice before signing the purchase order and we start building your boat

  When you finish my boat, Iím going to need it transported down to the mainland. Where can I get a trailer big enough to move it?

We have several options available to you, first we can arrange for your boat to be moved by some of the people we know at reasonable rates, or if you think you want to move the boat to other locations we can recommend a quality custom trailer manufacturer that builds a trailer that will allow you to transport and launch the boat yourself.

  Can you tell me about how long it will take to build the boat and take delivery, once I sign the purchase order?

In most cases it will take ninety days to complete the standard boat which includes the hull, deck, rails, transom, helm and seat, with gates, However, it takes longer depending on the complexity of the design, normally another thirty to sixty days. 


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